Smarter, easier gift shopping.

We've all been there: you hit the shops or search engine armed with optimism and a list of vague ideas, only to feel your festive cheer die a little each time you can't find what you had in mind. 

Gift Circle is the easy - and free, way to connect with friends and family and ask them to send you wish lists.

Our shoppable wish lists can take you straight to the retailer's product page to view and buy, so all you have to do is browse lists and pick presents. Save time and gift shop with confidence.

And every gift is still a surprise because who you're buying for can't see what's been bought off their list.



Managing gifts for kids - easily.

With Gift Circle, there’s no more tearing your hair out trying to keep on top of what everyone’s getting Little Amy for Christmas.

Gift Circle is the easy - and free, way to create and privately share gift lists with friends and family.

Just send everyone the same list, and let us help you keep track of what's been bought: no wrong presents, no duplicates, and, best of all, no tears on Christmas morning.

Easy peasy